Ashley Brentnall

Office Manager

Hi Eveyone!! My name is Ashley & I am a 34 year old pastry chef who recently located to South Florida from Southern California to be closer to family! I studied pastry and baking at Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta where I specialized in French and European style pastries & desserts. Once I finished school, I then moved to Paris, France to continue my learning journey. I worked at a quaint bakery in the village of Vaucresson, which is a Western suburb of Paris. Here I honed my skills and divulged in all the culture had to offer. Once I came back stateside, I moved to San Diego and opened a wholesale baking & pastry company which found great success until Covid struck in 2020. As well as baking, I find great enjoyment from sports (I am a huge Colorado Avalanche fan, GO AVS GO), I bowl in a weekly bowling league with my husband, and his best friend, I love my family fiercely (incuding all 5 of my dogs), I was active in the animal rescue community in San Diego/Los Angeles (looking forward to joining local rescue groups) and I thrive on EDM music and their community (PLUR: Peace Love Unity & Respect)! I am looking forward to getting to meet and know our current and new clients here at Craig Jeffries Wealth Management and learning all that I can about the financial sector!